Retchy P x SR1990

RETCHY LO SWEATER | 125 Rivington Street.

SR Backpack‘s pop-up shop is open for the month of April in the Lower East Side. Ever since their opening they have been providing many distinguished individuals with quality travel goods made from exotic leathers. On the eve of 4/20, I attended an event hosted by Scott Selvin, owner of SR backpack, who had Perrion & Retchy P perform.

The space was cozy and adequate for the intimate performance. I attended with my crew to see Retchy P perform after hearing his Polo Sporting Goods mixtape. Great energy radiated from Retch’s performance on to the audience who also rapped lyrics with him in a capella. He had a strong stage presence and even performed his songs among the audience. Overall is was real dope event.

Retchy P is a storyteller whose lyrics always paint a vivid picture. His flow stands out in the trap’d out moment that we are currently engulfed by, which is refreshing. He reminds me of the Ruff Ryders; The Lox, D-Block era where these rappers captured the gritty essence of the New York underground sound that is barely heard now; however, Retch hails from New Jersey. His mixtape, Polo Sporting Goods is entirely produced by Thelonius Martin who did a phenomenal job. The beats on this mixtape have a great jazz/MF Doom feel, that is exhilarating to hear as the backdrop of Retch’s voice.

Below is a video I made capturing the night. I capture my friend, @PhilVnyc taking Polaroids of Retch for his Polaroid Project. He has an extensive portfolio of various artist that he has captured ALL with his Polaroid camera. Check his work out HERE!

Retchy P is a talented artist that one should definitely keep eye on.

What’s my favorite song of the mixtape?

Is in between Burgundy Windbreaker and Short $ermons feat. Ab-Soul


Thoughts On: A$AP YAMS

A$AP Yams, the Yung Mogul.

The internet plays a pivotal role in introducing different music, styles & art into our everyday lives. The dominant platforms of communication such as Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr allow users to interchange their interest with others, as well as be given the opportunity to explore and to be exposed to what is different & new.

Watercolor Portrait by Adalky Capellán for KITTYSAYWORD.

A while back, I read the article, Not Like the Old Boss: Hip-Hop’s Spirit Guide about A$AP Yams in The New York Times and learned about his ingenious use of Tumblr as an effective marketing tool that consequently led to the success of the artist, A$AP Rocky.

A$AP Yams is a stand up guy, who rocks vintage Coogi garments and expresses himself with sophisticated slang, hip-hop references and urban colloquialisms. He is frequently seen with the ASAP MOB, but many do not know how instrumental he is to the entire crew.

In April 2010, Yams started a blog on Tumblr by the name of realni**, where he would gather, scan & upload images onto his site. By providing original content on his tumblr, he became the hub of all that encompassed hip-hop –posts ranged from magazine features of hip-hop artist to basic hood images and built a reputation as an online taste maker. The blog eventually became very successful and gained a strong following. Yams also started to post and introduce music of obscure artists, and expose their music to his audience. In April 2011, a year layer after his blog’s launched, Yams posted A$AP Rocky’s “Purple Swag” video on his site and presented it to the public with no affiliation to Rocky. Yams’ audience was very receptive and the video became viral on YouTube. A few months later, A$AP Rocky got signed to RCA/Polo Grounds for $3 million, which would also fund projects for the rest of the A$AP MOB.

Although one may think Rocky’s success happened overnight, it didn’t. Prior to Rocky being signed to RCA, he was finessing his skills with his spirit guide, Yams. For 2 years they worked together testing and exploring different sounds, trying to see what flow could function and stick. When they were ready and felt that timing was right, it was then that they posted their music out to the public, almost anonymously.

Before meeting Rocky, Yams was dude with experience in the music industry. At 16, he acquired an internship with Diplomat Records and also managed producers, helping them sell their songs to rappers. I don’t think his blog was created with the sole purpose to launch Rocky. However, I do believe that he foresaw the opportunity and power of Tumblr’s potential and ability to share beyond measure. Essentially, Yams’ blog created an audience interested in what he curated and the public followed and enjoyed what he posted.

A$AP Yams is the man with a plan. He keeps his ears to the streets and is in tune with what the youth is listening to. He has gained wisdom in the music industry and knows what works, always keeping in mind that timing is essential for a breakout artist. He has gathered an impressive roster of talented and distinguished artists under his YAMBORGHINI record label outside the A$AP umbrella. Artist such as Retch, DA$H, Vince Staples, Ashton Mathews, Joey Fatt$ to name a few. All of these rappers have their own story, sound & distinct personality. This stands out to me, as I often see managers/A&R fail to give proper direction to various artist under the same label. Although these artist have not reached the success of his first artist ASAP Rocky, this the early beginning of a fresh new wave of artist who I sincerely believe have great potential. Each artist offers something different to the plate. I am excited to hear what is to come.

Much respect to you, Yams. You are young, focused & successful & that is something to celebrate. Your story is one of one.

With only 25 years of age, it is only the beginning bruh…

Nassau, BS. | Piaget, 19.

   “My name is Piaget and I’m a 19-year-old art major from The Bahamas. I have a deep appreciation for art and culture and love connecting with others who enjoy promoting, exploring and creating the creative arts.”

What is an ideal day in the city of Nassau?
A day on the beach, of course! For visitors and tourists especially, experiencing the island’s offerings of sun, sand and sea would make for a great day. Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 6.10.53 PMPlus, “beach days” aren’t entirely limited the immediate shores. For me, it’s absolutely magical when I hop in a boat with friends, sail to one of the nearby cays (or to a totally different island if everyone’s feeling good) and spend time hanging out on the seas with good company. You could do all this a hundred times and for each time still feel the love of the ocean.
Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 6.09.44 PMWhat is your city’s staple style?
There are countless clothing stores and fashion boutiques around town and people who don’t order their clothes over the Internet, just shop local. I’m not terribly keen on fashion trends these days, but most people dress for the weather.
Right now, for instance, it feels like mid summer outside. Shorts, crop tops, muscle tees and sandals are in full bloom.
What’s your typical style?
I’m neither here or there, but comfort is important. I’m almost always wearing a pair of denim shorts when I dress casually. They are super easy to dress up or down and keep me cool and able to function in the heat.
What do you with your free time? any hobbies?
With the little free time that I do have (when I’m not spending it asleep), I like to catch up with the ‘what’s what’ on my favourite art blogs, I catch a movie or I gather my art supplies and get busy.
What do you collect?
Images, digital and prints, of anything that inspires me.
My daily must haves:

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 6.10.14 PM

1. iPod
2. Cellphone
3. Water
5. Laptop
6. Make up bag/ favourite lipstick
7. Shea butter
This is pretty much what I need to be awesome.
Where in your city do people your age hangout?
I’m not super social and prefer to be at home or in a studio. So going out isn’t a big to-do on my agenda. However, a lot of the more popular spots here in the city are cool and relaxing waterfront bars and restaurants.
What’s your version of ‘good-ass’ night?
The art scene here is quite exciting and nights when I get to see a good art show always end well. It’s fun to meet up with friends at a gallery then head out to a bar or restaurant after!
What music are you listening to? 
I recently came across an album by Jorge Ben –his first album, I believe. Samba Esquema Novo. I’m always listening to Purity Ring, and alt-J (An Awesome Wave is my all-time fav!)
TOP 5 songs on repeat right now:
1. alt-J – Matilda
2. Beach House – Lover of Mine
3. Purity Ring – Lofticries
4. Rhye – Open
5. James Blake – Give Me My Mouth
What’s your background (nationality)?
I’m Bahamian. I was born and grew up on an island called Grand Bahama, but live on the island of New Providence now while I earn my art degree here.
Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 6.12.04 PMWhat inspires you? 
Hmm… anything from a stimulating conversation to seeing a smile on a stranger’s face. I’m very much enjoy examples of expression, particularly the visual dialogues that come out of watching others engage one another.
What is your current occupation? What do you want to do?
I’m a broke, unemployed art major, but I kick ass doing what I do. I’m not entirely sure what avenue I want to take yet with my are, but I’m very interested in exploring curatorial studies.
How does your city inspire you?
The people. I see beauty everywhere, in everyone I see. I think I’m most inspired during my daily commute to class. I love observing other commuters and seeing them interact with their friends, coworkers, children or siblings… The architecture is also inspiring.
Your current obsession?
Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 6.09.25 PMA lip colour I get from mixing a drug store brand lip liner and lipstick.

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Brussels, BE. | Tatiana, 24.

“My name is Tatiana, I was born and raised in Marseille, France. I studied music there for twelve years, then I left for Paris where I lived for five years, studying cinema & currently I am living in Brussels, Belgium to pursue some visual projects & study medicine. I am passionate about the arts. What I love about arts is that everything is moving, there is a constant newness & always something to discover.”

What is an ideal day in the city of Brussels?
I was more thinking about the night because I’m too busy on day to have a cool one. But, an ideal day in Brussels would be Thursday, because there are the Openings every thursday. 1743322_10152402048412518_1587517659_nAfter a day of hard-working at school, I would go to the private views to join my friends, meet some new people, discover new things, and as we do the best we would improvise the night, landing in a cool place. Or simply, an ideal day depends on the persons I am with, the ones I love the most. I don’t do crazy things, it’s about having lunch with them and rotting under the sun.
What is your city’s staple style?
10169124_10152402034422518_64994376_nI don’t know if I understand the question well lol. Are you asking for the style of the people living in my current city? Well, people from Brussels are too normal to me. I mean, people just want to show they wear brands from big maisons de couture, luxury, something fashionable, while I’m more looking after an allure, something more subtile. Here people wear what? Ew, maybe I didn’t land in the coolest place.
What’s your typical style?
I always want to feel good in my clothes. I’m very simple, I love everything effortless, casual, I’m focus on details, on the allure. I love shoes for men, to add something masculine because it reveals my part of femininity more than a pair of heels. For example, I love to wear a dress with some brogues for men.
What do you with your free time?
954560_10152402009327518_2091695041_nI like to walk and lose myself in the streets as I’m in a new city. There’s always something to discover. When I’m lazy, I go to a friend’s place, at home I read, or I learn arabic, sometimes I draw.. and rarely but cool to do when I’m dead, I love to lay in my bed and to “daydream”. 
What do you collect?
I think I used to collect things since my first move to Paris because I lose things during my relocations. Anyway, I don’t know if we can talk about collection but some random objects with an “emotional” value.
Take a pic of your daily city must haves:
968006_10152407050317518_1625191444_nI feel like a nomad. I hate to carry too much things on me, I used to wear big bags, I always have a small one or a clutch. It forces me to take only the essential. I’ve got my wallet, a book sometimes, I’ve got my ipod, my iPhone with my french number and an old cellphone with my Belgium phone where my Belgium friends could reach me, a lipstick, a lip balm, creams to moisturizer my skin because mine is too dry, sometimes I take my nuxe oil – yes, my skin first -, my battery charger, my keys. Not a lot but for me it’s already too much.
1. iPhone & cellphone
2. iPod
3. Skin care bag (lip balm, creams, oil) + lipstick
4. Battery charger
5. Wallet (money, cards, keys)
6. Book
Ouch, I feel like a warrior.
Where your city do people your age hangout?
Ixelles, Saint-Gilles and Bruxelles Centre are the best areas to hangout in Brussels, for people of my age and more.
What’s your version of ‘good-ass’ night?
10149332_10152402009322518_2089514127_nA good ass night starts off in an art gallery – like on the openings on thursday for example, yes again… — where we have free drinks – and how good, good champagne and wine – and good snacks. Or it could be a good event, like one created by a cool magazine, I love to meet new people, to talk about themselves, work, life.. and after we would go to dance to end. I just need to be with the right people (the base of a good night), to meet the good ones, and not to be in a place where music makes me deaf to death. I think that to talk is important.
What music are you listening to?
Hard to say because the list is quite long and eclectic. The bands I listen to are all different, I love music from the 60’s, and hip hop for example.
TOP 5 songs on repeat right now:
Oh, that’s too much to ask, making this type of list break my heart, really!
1. Gioco d’Azzardo – Paolo Conte
2. “Forbidden Fruit” – J. Cole ft. Kendrick Lamar
3. “Something About Us” – Daft Punk
4. “Lying together” – FKJ
5. “Take It Out On Me” – Chairlift
Whats your background (nationality)?
My dad is Indian, Arabic and Iranian, my mom is Chinese. 
What inspires you?
Strangely, the emptiness. People that I observe a lot, the extremes that are coexistent like violence and love, nothing really concrete.
What is your current occupation? What do you want to do?
10261775_10152402034602518_1174691302_nI’m a medicine student and I also work as a photographer for a Belgian magazine – The Word. I’d like to create some fragrances, and some tints and colors in labs for some cosmetics. In parallel I’d like to pursue some projects in arts, like to create a like of vest and coats. I made one for me and all my friends like it, then they ordered from me and that’s really encouraging while I never worked in fashion. My curiosity brought me there.
How does your city inspire you?
My current city, Brussels, inspired me some calm, but that’s not at all. Some craziness is well hidden behind these pretty houses of bricks. There is something deceitful there. I don’t know if this city inspire me a lot, even if I love this one, I did think about yet.
Your current obsession?
10156856_10152402010432518_243656910_nLeather boots and brogues, looking for the perfect ones.

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Paris, FR. | Lyne, 22.

“My name is Lyne, I’m 22, I’m born and raised in Paris (North Paris). I am still a student, currently in law school and working side jobs at the same time to make some money. I am passionate about music, dance, any kind of art in general.”

What is an ideal day in the city of Paris?
20140412-134321.jpgIt’s definitely a day during spring cause that’s when the weather is the best. I would start by meet up with my friends in my hood ( I’m living in the north of paris, in the 18th district, and a lot of my friends are neighbors I was in secondary school or high school with ),  to have lunch in a restaurant terrace in Les Abesses or in the 18 st district next to Les Tuileries/Palis Royal. Then, just walking in the streets, maybe stop in a Park. In the night, I would say go to a restaurant or eat at a friend’s place, listening and dancing to some music.
What is your city’s staple style?
I would say that during winter or spring women mostly wear a beautiful chic coats or trench coats, they don’t wear high heels that often its pretty rare actually but, I’m speaking for people my age. At the moment, girls in Paris wear a lot of wide-brimmed hat. For boys I would say caps, a pair of kicks, nice jeans and a sweater. People in Paris don’t wear a lot of different colours, they mostly wear black/grey or nude tones. The brands people are wearing Nike, American Apparel, Cos, Zara, Converse, Supreme…
What’s your typical style?
20140412-134525.jpgMost of the time, I straighten my hair cause it’s more easy but I also like to have them natural since I cut them. I never wear heels, always flat shoes like converse, Doc martens or Nike. Most of time I wear a pair of black skinny jeans associated with what I consider as a fine top… a crop top, a jersey…depends.
What do you with your free time?
Not a particular hobby, I just really like to hang out with my friends and we just go wherever there is a fun thing to do. 20140412-134446.jpgIt can be an exhibition, a museum, I go to the Louvre at least once a year, the place in itself is so beautiful, or to a new restaurant, I really like going thrift stores or really just walking with no purpose as a tourist in Paris –which is one of my favorite thing to do.
What do you collect?
I don’t know if it is really a collection cause I don’t do it on purpose but I really have a lots of hats, beanies, winter hats, kangol berets…I always buy new ones. I don’t really wear them that often but I just like to have the choice of wearing them lol.
My daily city must haves:


During the week, when I leave my house to go to school I never know when I’ll be back home and what I will do after my class, so I just take everything I may need and I have found the perfect big 1. black purse to do so.Of course, I always have 2. my phone and 3. my headphones I can’t do any subway travel without music. Someone also gave me a 4.battery charger for my phone and I always have it with me. I have metro card with me cause I use it everyday to go to college or just to go out. Some 6. money of course for lunch, to buy me some snacks, some soda, coffee or whatever (I spend so much money on little bullshit everyday lol). In my bag, I also have a 7. packet of cigarettes I don’t wear a lot of makeup but 8. my mascara is a must have and I always have it in my bag just in case I didn’t get time to put it at home or if I want to do some retouches during the day. I have a 9. scrunchie cause sometimes I can’t stand to have my hair down and it’s always good for a bad hair day (I’ll wrap my hair into a bun, or I just wear a hat), lastly, I have a 10. beanie hat beanie in my bag so I can put it if I don’t like my hair or if I’m cold.
Where your city do people your age hangout?
20140412-134635.jpgPigalle, Les Abesses, Les Tuileries, République, Étienne Marcel, Le Marais… These are the areas were people my age I know hang out.
What’s your version of a ‘good-ass’ night?
Starting the night at a friend’s house, to drink, listen to music, dance just having fun. Then going to a bar where you can also dance in Pigalle with my group of friends and then just having fun, not knowing what we’re going to do or where we are going to do next.
What music are you listening to?
20140412-141120.jpgI listen to a lot of different type of music. But mostly 90’s/early 00’s US hip-hop and french rap, some arabic and african music too. From my generation I really like artists like Amy Winehouse, The Black Keys or Gucci Mane. Actually I could write many more names, I am very eclectic with music.
TOP 5 songs on repeat right now:
1. “Tell me what you want”- Mase
2. “Far from any road” – The Handsome Family
3. “HLM3”- Lunatic
4. “Don’t push me away”-  Jim Jones
5. “L’amour et la violence” – Sébastien Tellier
Whats your background (nationality)?
What inspires you?
90’s/early 00’s especially music, series,and music videos from that time, my hood, diversity , to travel, to meet people, my family.
What is your current occupation? What do you want to do?
I am in Law School don’t know exactly what I want to do but I will probably specialize myself in intellectual property right.
How does your city inspire you?
20140412-135314.jpgBy all of its diversity. I live in a very multicultural neighborhood lots of different ethnicity but also with a lot of different social classes which all live and go to school together. Thanks to that I have a lot of different friends.
Your current obsession ?
I have a new obsession nearly every week but right now I would say The Sopranos ( I am re-watching all the ep) and my pair of silver Nike Air Max 97.

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London, UK. | Matteo, 21.

“My name is Matteo. Born in Hong Kong & lived in HK, Milan, Toronto, Bangkok, Venice & now in London. I’m currently a freelance Photographer & Designer. My work is all based on the things I love; from fashion, music and travel.”

What is an ideal day in London Town?
photo 3
My ideal day would be rolling to the city with a few friends, camera ready and beautiful blue sky weather. We’d grab a meal at one of our favourite spots, check some stores out and shoot some street snaps.
What is your city’s staple style?
London’s city style is so wide and varies depending on where you are. 8e5857d0b87111e3842b12030377bb19_8But in my head it’s always skinny jeans, white low crew neck tee and a leather jacket or black skinny jeans (pin rolled) with a stussy tee, black bomber & Jordan’s (almost always with the tongue showing, in US i’ve noticed people usually cover the logo and tongue at the front.) People love Jordan’s here, and many of the US street wear brands like Stussy, Supreme, HUF. Local brands wise that people wear in the UK are mainly Trapstar London, Dope Chef & Palace.
What’s your typical style?
I like to mix my style a lot, but recently I’ve been wearing a lot of black, something like simple long black tee, black bomber jacket, slim fit jeans & a pair of Jordans or sneakers. I like simple, well fitted & clean looks.
What do you with your free time?
5227e96eb11011e3a7f412f205c15b1e_8Exploring the city with my camera, hitting up events in the city and just mobbing the streets and partying with my friends. All my friends are passionate about their crafts and we just try to use what we know together and create cool shit.
What do you collect?
I collect items from different cities I’ve travelled to. For example I have subway tickets from Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris on my wall and a receipt card I got from Cafe Habana in NY.
My daily city must haves:fam
1. Camera:Rule number one: Always have your camera. It is your greatest weapon 2. Camera portrait Lens:I love street photography, my portrait lens is perfect for capturing the people I meet on the streets 3. iPhone:I’m addicted to my phone, and I use it as my primary camera. Also very essential to contact people and organize whats happening during the day 4. Back Pack:Need a comfortable and nice waterproof backpack to carry all my gear 5. Headphones:I listen to music throughout my whole day, especially when commuting from place to place 6. Fuel Band:Always keeps me motivated throughout the day to reach my daily goal 7. Oyster Card:London’s equivalent to the ‘metro’ card. Using an oyster card is already expensive, I don’t know how you survive without one 8. Infinity Piece:An accessory piece that reminds me that when I’m doing what I love, time is irrelevant.9. Snack: Some snack bar or peanuts, just something to munch on when waiting for someone10. Note book:Nothing beats a traditional notebook to write random thoughts.
Where your city do people your age hangout?
photo 2Mostly in Shoreditch/East London. It’s the gentrifying area and there are more and more cool spots opening. Also all the parties and events are over here. East London is definitely the area for people around my age, especially creatives.
What’s your version of ‘good-ass’ night?
Mixture of my favourite turn up hip hop music e.g. ASAP Ferg, with my friends and just jumping and wylin’ out. Drunk meal after is necessary.
What music are you listening to?
Recently a lot of Sango/Ta-ku chill type beats. Waldo & Sango are killing it right now.
TOP 5 songs on repeat right now.
1. Child’s Play (Featuring. Chance the rapper) – SZA
2. Heavenly Father – Isaiah Rashad
3. Waves – Joey Bada$$
4. She In My Car (Feat. Dom Kennedy) – Casey Veggies
5. Persian Rugs – PARTYNEXTDOOR
Whats your background (nationality)?
Mom is from Hong Kong & Dad is Italian
What inspires you?
photoPeople around me. Creatives around me making it. New York City. The dream of just doing what I love, I want to be able to work WITH people instead of for people.
What is your current occupation? What do you want to do?
I’m currently freelancing as a photographer/designer, but I’d like to build a global collective with some of the dopest artists and work on creative directing and curating marketing campaigns for brands in fashion, lifestyle & music.
How does your city inspire you?
01f24f1e91af11e3ab2b12f292af6a15_8The grind. seeing people around me working their asses off in order to do what they love. The city is so multinational and the culture is so rich, everyday I’m learning about a different culture.
Your current obsession?
Kith & Ronnie Fieg. I love what Ronnie is doing with his brand and all the shoe collaborations he’s been doing. His colour palette is on point and his last few drops have been crazy.


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Austin, TX. | Ashley, 22.

“I am Ashley Narcisse, born & raised in Houston, Texas. Currently residing in Austin, Texas. My interests are foreign films, independent films, any & every thing that has to do with David lynch and vintage porn. At the moment, I am writing a few short films that are not yet published.”

What is your ideal day in the city of Austin?
photo11Going consignment shopping on south congress, getting alcohol & sushi!
What brands are the people in your city wearing?
Your everyday street wear brands like 10 deep and huf. Nothing special. Texas is always 10 steps back on everything, lol
What’s your typical style?
Lately I’ve been versatile with what I wear. Mostly Harley Davidson shirts with a good pair of designer denims. With summer coming up I’ll be leaning more towards, you know…shorts
What do you do with your free time?
In my pastime I enjoy eating of course but besides that I enjoy researching movies and knit picking at older cult films from then 60’s. I have a lot of cult movie favorites and a list I keep in my drawer of movies I never seen that are hard to find. Every time I “Movie hunt” I grab my list and try to find rare movies in video stores around Austin Texas.
What do you collect?
photo12I collect rare foreign, black comedy and cult films. The films that are very hard to come across I probably haven them in my collection. Films such as, Gummo, Salo 120 days of Sodom, the holy mountain and Julien Donkey boy. Most of the films in my collection leans towards the independent genre of movies or they always end up on someone’s top 10 most disturbing list.  These are the type of films that are valuable to me.
My daily city must haves:


1. Wallet: My daily must haves would have to be my wallet because I’m not a purse type of girl 2. Water:  A Bottle of  I would also need a bottle of water everywhere I go, I’m always feeling dehydrated and I worry because I’m a hypochondriac 3. Antibiotics: Currently, I’m on antibiotics & that’s needed because I have to pop a pill every eight hours. Very annoying 4. Headphones: A daily necessity would also have to be my head phones due to the current job I’m at, I push out e-mails and I’m able to listen to music while on the job 5. List of movies: I would need a list on me at all times, of movies I’ve never seen or films that are hard to find just in case I decide to add film hunting to my agenda, lol 6. Phone: My iPhone 5s so I can keep in contact with important people in my life 7. Phone Charger: My charger of course, cause I really be out here 8: Lipstick: My Chanel #45 lipstick because I like to re-apply it throughout the day. This is pretty much it, I’m not a cake face so I don’t have a purse full of makeup or extra girly things. This is mostly what I need to get through my day.
Where in your city do people your age hangout?
 photo7There is no better place to hang out other than Barton Springs Greenbelt. The Greenbelt is a huge aquifer where you can bring your friends, your dogs, lay out a picnic and canoe. It’s a relaxing environment that’s open to the public for 24-hours.
Whats your version of a ‘good-ass’ night?
photo6Although I am not a heavy drinker, I do enjoy nights where I’m drunk at an arcade room or a bar. Preferably, in Austin, Texas because it’s such a great college city.
What music are you listening to?
Right now a lot of indie music. Mostly Crystal Castles, Blood Orange, James Blake, Kid Cudi and The Weekend.
Top 5 songs on repeat:
1. “Leave House ” – Caribou
2. “Dinner” – Blood Orange
3. “House Jam” – Gang Gang Dance
4. “To the Last” – James Blake
5. “Gnossienne No. 1,2,3” – Erik Saite
Whats your background?
I never met my dad.  Boo-Hoo.  I hear he is Ethiopian. My mom is Creole so that makes me Crethiopian.
What inspires you?
A big part of my inspiration comes from movie directors and film. Im inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky, David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick. Lately, dance choreography by Anne Teresea De Keersmaeker has been inspiring a future movie visuals. My favorite is “Rosas” performed by Rosas Dans Rosas.
What is your current occupation? What do you want to do?
photo1 I want to become an Art Director. Travel. Plant myself in Dubai and make independent films. My foster goal is to be very knowledgeable on the criminal justice side because I’ve always longed to study the criminal mind.
How does your city inspire you?
Austin, Texas is very diverse and one of the safest places to live in America. My mind is more corrupt and my city doesn’t inspire me.
Your current obsession?
I’ve become obsessed with the forest and murder houses.

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