Thoughts On: Yung Lean (Live)


YUNG LEAN KITTYSAYWORDAfter a Monday night yoga class, I decided to yolo it and check out Yung Lean at Webster Hall. My decision was very impromptu as I was quite exhausted. However, my curiosity did not allow me to pass off the opportunity to watch Yung Lean perform live. I arrived at the venue and then BOOM –after an extensive search by security and $25 later, I was finally inside. I entered the massive smokey stage area on the second floor. The smoke was so thick one could only see the multifarious silhouettes in attendance.  The audience was quite an eclectic crowd. Perhaps because it was a Monday night, that i did not see much the ‘youth’ in attendance.The majority seemed to be in their twenties which I thought was pretty cool.

Watching Yung Lean live was an intriguing experience. You have kid from across the ocean, hailing from Sweden interpreting hip hop through his own perspective and point of references. The dope thing about it all is that NYC is with it. I believe this is so because he has an authentic raw appeal. Watching him perform I was able to witness his passion and dedication to the craft. –But of course, most of his performance was pretty inaudible and difficult to comprehend. Still, there were moments where Yung Lean rap an a capella transitioning to the next song and the audience would finish the verse which amazed me.

Below are vine videos I captured from that night:

At the end of his performance I was really happy to have made a detour and attend.

Overall t’was a solid night.


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