Jon B. & J. Holiday


Last night, I had the great pleasure of watching a dope R&B performance by Jon B & J. Holiday. I was pleasantly surprised to hear other songs from Jon B. other than his most popular hit, “They Don’t Know”. In reality, I was floored! Who knew he had a song with 2pac? Who knew he worked with ODB and NAS? I knew that Jon B continued to work musically behind the scenes but I was so bewildered by the performances that I couldn’t help but laugh of joy for learning something new.

Queensbridge Park KITTYSAYWORDThen it was J. Holiday up next to the stage. I remember I heard his album after transferring my friend’s music into my Ipod mini, in my freshman year of college. I always felt that he was so talented and could have gone further than where his career took him. His album, Back of my Lac was a solid package. The content, his lyrics & the beats used on this album, were composed in a perfect arrangement for a successful career.

Unfortunately, I believe J. Holiday was one of the last R&B thugs. Timing is everything and R&B was losing popularity then in 2007. Trey Songz then dominated it by keeping fresh with more dynamic beats and collaborating with rappers. Perhaps that was the difference and why he fell off. Alas, I’m still a J. Holiday fan at heart, still rooting for him to succeed. Peep my adventure to Queensbridge Park through my vines below.




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