Thoughts On: Karla Black

A while back, I was greeted by a sweet powdery smell at one of my favorite spots, the David Zwirner Gallery. Here Karla Black’s work was featured in a large open room that looked like a fantasy world made out of cotton candy.

The entrance of the room, held strips of Sellotape suspended from the ceiling above a powdered sheet of white and light pink stripes on the floor. BLAKA0001_detail1-600x413In the back section there were sheets of paper and plastic also suspended from the ceiling, with shapeless tombstone-like structures standing over they sky blue powdered sheet on the floor. The work was divided into two by color with a precise line.

The materials she used were quite alluring because at a quick glance one wouldn’t have guessed what they were made of. The work consisted of powder, soap, gels, pastes and typical tools chalk, paint, and plaster.

Overall, the exhibit was an interesting because of it was a physical experience. Peep my vine to get a better feel.


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