Retchy P x SR1990

RETCHY LO SWEATER | 125 Rivington Street.

SR Backpack‘s pop-up shop is open for the month of April in the Lower East Side. Ever since their opening they have been providing many distinguished individuals with quality travel goods made from exotic leathers. On the eve of 4/20, I attended an event hosted by Scott Selvin, owner of SR backpack, who had Perrion & Retchy P perform.

The space was cozy and adequate for the intimate performance. I attended with my crew to see Retchy P perform after hearing his Polo Sporting Goods mixtape. Great energy radiated from Retch’s performance on to the audience who also rapped lyrics with him in a capella. He had a strong stage presence and even performed his songs among the audience. Overall is was real dope event.

Retchy P is a storyteller whose lyrics always paint a vivid picture. His flow stands out in the trap’d out moment that we are currently engulfed by, which is refreshing. He reminds me of the Ruff Ryders; The Lox, D-Block era where these rappers captured the gritty essence of the New York underground sound that is barely heard now; however, Retch hails from New Jersey. His mixtape, Polo Sporting Goods is entirely produced by Thelonius Martin who did a phenomenal job. The beats on this mixtape have a great jazz/MF Doom feel, that is exhilarating to hear as the backdrop of Retch’s voice.

Below is a video I made capturing the night. I capture my friend, @PhilVnyc taking Polaroids of Retch for his Polaroid Project. He has an extensive portfolio of various artist that he has captured ALL with his Polaroid camera. Check his work out HERE!

Retchy P is a talented artist that one should definitely keep eye on.

What’s my favorite song of the mixtape?

Is in between Burgundy Windbreaker and Short $ermons feat. Ab-Soul


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