Paris, FR. | Lyne, 22.

“My name is Lyne, I’m 22, I’m born and raised in Paris (North Paris). I am still a student, currently in law school and working side jobs at the same time to make some money. I am passionate about music, dance, any kind of art in general.”

What is an ideal day in the city of Paris?
20140412-134321.jpgIt’s definitely a day during spring cause that’s when the weather is the best. I would start by meet up with my friends in my hood ( I’m living in the north of paris, in the 18th district, and a lot of my friends are neighbors I was in secondary school or high school with ),  to have lunch in a restaurant terrace in Les Abesses or in the 18 st district next to Les Tuileries/Palis Royal. Then, just walking in the streets, maybe stop in a Park. In the night, I would say go to a restaurant or eat at a friend’s place, listening and dancing to some music.
What is your city’s staple style?
I would say that during winter or spring women mostly wear a beautiful chic coats or trench coats, they don’t wear high heels that often its pretty rare actually but, I’m speaking for people my age. At the moment, girls in Paris wear a lot of wide-brimmed hat. For boys I would say caps, a pair of kicks, nice jeans and a sweater. People in Paris don’t wear a lot of different colours, they mostly wear black/grey or nude tones. The brands people are wearing Nike, American Apparel, Cos, Zara, Converse, Supreme…
What’s your typical style?
20140412-134525.jpgMost of the time, I straighten my hair cause it’s more easy but I also like to have them natural since I cut them. I never wear heels, always flat shoes like converse, Doc martens or Nike. Most of time I wear a pair of black skinny jeans associated with what I consider as a fine top… a crop top, a jersey…depends.
What do you with your free time?
Not a particular hobby, I just really like to hang out with my friends and we just go wherever there is a fun thing to do. 20140412-134446.jpgIt can be an exhibition, a museum, I go to the Louvre at least once a year, the place in itself is so beautiful, or to a new restaurant, I really like going thrift stores or really just walking with no purpose as a tourist in Paris –which is one of my favorite thing to do.
What do you collect?
I don’t know if it is really a collection cause I don’t do it on purpose but I really have a lots of hats, beanies, winter hats, kangol berets…I always buy new ones. I don’t really wear them that often but I just like to have the choice of wearing them lol.
My daily city must haves:


During the week, when I leave my house to go to school I never know when I’ll be back home and what I will do after my class, so I just take everything I may need and I have found the perfect big 1. black purse to do so.Of course, I always have 2. my phone and 3. my headphones I can’t do any subway travel without music. Someone also gave me a 4.battery charger for my phone and I always have it with me. I have metro card with me cause I use it everyday to go to college or just to go out. Some 6. money of course for lunch, to buy me some snacks, some soda, coffee or whatever (I spend so much money on little bullshit everyday lol). In my bag, I also have a 7. packet of cigarettes I don’t wear a lot of makeup but 8. my mascara is a must have and I always have it in my bag just in case I didn’t get time to put it at home or if I want to do some retouches during the day. I have a 9. scrunchie cause sometimes I can’t stand to have my hair down and it’s always good for a bad hair day (I’ll wrap my hair into a bun, or I just wear a hat), lastly, I have a 10. beanie hat beanie in my bag so I can put it if I don’t like my hair or if I’m cold.
Where your city do people your age hangout?
20140412-134635.jpgPigalle, Les Abesses, Les Tuileries, République, Étienne Marcel, Le Marais… These are the areas were people my age I know hang out.
What’s your version of a ‘good-ass’ night?
Starting the night at a friend’s house, to drink, listen to music, dance just having fun. Then going to a bar where you can also dance in Pigalle with my group of friends and then just having fun, not knowing what we’re going to do or where we are going to do next.
What music are you listening to?
20140412-141120.jpgI listen to a lot of different type of music. But mostly 90’s/early 00’s US hip-hop and french rap, some arabic and african music too. From my generation I really like artists like Amy Winehouse, The Black Keys or Gucci Mane. Actually I could write many more names, I am very eclectic with music.
TOP 5 songs on repeat right now:
1. “Tell me what you want”- Mase
2. “Far from any road” – The Handsome Family
3. “HLM3”- Lunatic
4. “Don’t push me away”-  Jim Jones
5. “L’amour et la violence” – Sébastien Tellier
Whats your background (nationality)?
What inspires you?
90’s/early 00’s especially music, series,and music videos from that time, my hood, diversity , to travel, to meet people, my family.
What is your current occupation? What do you want to do?
I am in Law School don’t know exactly what I want to do but I will probably specialize myself in intellectual property right.
How does your city inspire you?
20140412-135314.jpgBy all of its diversity. I live in a very multicultural neighborhood lots of different ethnicity but also with a lot of different social classes which all live and go to school together. Thanks to that I have a lot of different friends.
Your current obsession ?
I have a new obsession nearly every week but right now I would say The Sopranos ( I am re-watching all the ep) and my pair of silver Nike Air Max 97.

Follow Lyne on IG: @lyyyne_


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