London, UK. | Matteo, 21.

“My name is Matteo. Born in Hong Kong & lived in HK, Milan, Toronto, Bangkok, Venice & now in London. I’m currently a freelance Photographer & Designer. My work is all based on the things I love; from fashion, music and travel.”

What is an ideal day in London Town?
photo 3
My ideal day would be rolling to the city with a few friends, camera ready and beautiful blue sky weather. We’d grab a meal at one of our favourite spots, check some stores out and shoot some street snaps.
What is your city’s staple style?
London’s city style is so wide and varies depending on where you are. 8e5857d0b87111e3842b12030377bb19_8But in my head it’s always skinny jeans, white low crew neck tee and a leather jacket or black skinny jeans (pin rolled) with a stussy tee, black bomber & Jordan’s (almost always with the tongue showing, in US i’ve noticed people usually cover the logo and tongue at the front.) People love Jordan’s here, and many of the US street wear brands like Stussy, Supreme, HUF. Local brands wise that people wear in the UK are mainly Trapstar London, Dope Chef & Palace.
What’s your typical style?
I like to mix my style a lot, but recently I’ve been wearing a lot of black, something like simple long black tee, black bomber jacket, slim fit jeans & a pair of Jordans or sneakers. I like simple, well fitted & clean looks.
What do you with your free time?
5227e96eb11011e3a7f412f205c15b1e_8Exploring the city with my camera, hitting up events in the city and just mobbing the streets and partying with my friends. All my friends are passionate about their crafts and we just try to use what we know together and create cool shit.
What do you collect?
I collect items from different cities I’ve travelled to. For example I have subway tickets from Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris on my wall and a receipt card I got from Cafe Habana in NY.
My daily city must haves:fam
1. Camera:Rule number one: Always have your camera. It is your greatest weapon 2. Camera portrait Lens:I love street photography, my portrait lens is perfect for capturing the people I meet on the streets 3. iPhone:I’m addicted to my phone, and I use it as my primary camera. Also very essential to contact people and organize whats happening during the day 4. Back Pack:Need a comfortable and nice waterproof backpack to carry all my gear 5. Headphones:I listen to music throughout my whole day, especially when commuting from place to place 6. Fuel Band:Always keeps me motivated throughout the day to reach my daily goal 7. Oyster Card:London’s equivalent to the ‘metro’ card. Using an oyster card is already expensive, I don’t know how you survive without one 8. Infinity Piece:An accessory piece that reminds me that when I’m doing what I love, time is irrelevant.9. Snack: Some snack bar or peanuts, just something to munch on when waiting for someone10. Note book:Nothing beats a traditional notebook to write random thoughts.
Where your city do people your age hangout?
photo 2Mostly in Shoreditch/East London. It’s the gentrifying area and there are more and more cool spots opening. Also all the parties and events are over here. East London is definitely the area for people around my age, especially creatives.
What’s your version of ‘good-ass’ night?
Mixture of my favourite turn up hip hop music e.g. ASAP Ferg, with my friends and just jumping and wylin’ out. Drunk meal after is necessary.
What music are you listening to?
Recently a lot of Sango/Ta-ku chill type beats. Waldo & Sango are killing it right now.
TOP 5 songs on repeat right now.
1. Child’s Play (Featuring. Chance the rapper) – SZA
2. Heavenly Father – Isaiah Rashad
3. Waves – Joey Bada$$
4. She In My Car (Feat. Dom Kennedy) – Casey Veggies
5. Persian Rugs – PARTYNEXTDOOR
Whats your background (nationality)?
Mom is from Hong Kong & Dad is Italian
What inspires you?
photoPeople around me. Creatives around me making it. New York City. The dream of just doing what I love, I want to be able to work WITH people instead of for people.
What is your current occupation? What do you want to do?
I’m currently freelancing as a photographer/designer, but I’d like to build a global collective with some of the dopest artists and work on creative directing and curating marketing campaigns for brands in fashion, lifestyle & music.
How does your city inspire you?
01f24f1e91af11e3ab2b12f292af6a15_8The grind. seeing people around me working their asses off in order to do what they love. The city is so multinational and the culture is so rich, everyday I’m learning about a different culture.
Your current obsession?
Kith & Ronnie Fieg. I love what Ronnie is doing with his brand and all the shoe collaborations he’s been doing. His colour palette is on point and his last few drops have been crazy.


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One thought on “London, UK. | Matteo, 21.

  1. I adore this young man for his enthusiasm, passion, vision and know how. Wide life experience with living in several Countries. Proud parents!

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