Austin, TX. | Ashley, 22.

“I am Ashley Narcisse, born & raised in Houston, Texas. Currently residing in Austin, Texas. My interests are foreign films, independent films, any & every thing that has to do with David lynch and vintage porn. At the moment, I am writing a few short films that are not yet published.”

What is your ideal day in the city of Austin?
photo11Going consignment shopping on south congress, getting alcohol & sushi!
What brands are the people in your city wearing?
Your everyday street wear brands like 10 deep and huf. Nothing special. Texas is always 10 steps back on everything, lol
What’s your typical style?
Lately I’ve been versatile with what I wear. Mostly Harley Davidson shirts with a good pair of designer denims. With summer coming up I’ll be leaning more towards, you know…shorts
What do you do with your free time?
In my pastime I enjoy eating of course but besides that I enjoy researching movies and knit picking at older cult films from then 60’s. I have a lot of cult movie favorites and a list I keep in my drawer of movies I never seen that are hard to find. Every time I “Movie hunt” I grab my list and try to find rare movies in video stores around Austin Texas.
What do you collect?
photo12I collect rare foreign, black comedy and cult films. The films that are very hard to come across I probably haven them in my collection. Films such as, Gummo, Salo 120 days of Sodom, the holy mountain and Julien Donkey boy. Most of the films in my collection leans towards the independent genre of movies or they always end up on someone’s top 10 most disturbing list.  These are the type of films that are valuable to me.
My daily city must haves:


1. Wallet: My daily must haves would have to be my wallet because I’m not a purse type of girl 2. Water:  A Bottle of  I would also need a bottle of water everywhere I go, I’m always feeling dehydrated and I worry because I’m a hypochondriac 3. Antibiotics: Currently, I’m on antibiotics & that’s needed because I have to pop a pill every eight hours. Very annoying 4. Headphones: A daily necessity would also have to be my head phones due to the current job I’m at, I push out e-mails and I’m able to listen to music while on the job 5. List of movies: I would need a list on me at all times, of movies I’ve never seen or films that are hard to find just in case I decide to add film hunting to my agenda, lol 6. Phone: My iPhone 5s so I can keep in contact with important people in my life 7. Phone Charger: My charger of course, cause I really be out here 8: Lipstick: My Chanel #45 lipstick because I like to re-apply it throughout the day. This is pretty much it, I’m not a cake face so I don’t have a purse full of makeup or extra girly things. This is mostly what I need to get through my day.
Where in your city do people your age hangout?
 photo7There is no better place to hang out other than Barton Springs Greenbelt. The Greenbelt is a huge aquifer where you can bring your friends, your dogs, lay out a picnic and canoe. It’s a relaxing environment that’s open to the public for 24-hours.
Whats your version of a ‘good-ass’ night?
photo6Although I am not a heavy drinker, I do enjoy nights where I’m drunk at an arcade room or a bar. Preferably, in Austin, Texas because it’s such a great college city.
What music are you listening to?
Right now a lot of indie music. Mostly Crystal Castles, Blood Orange, James Blake, Kid Cudi and The Weekend.
Top 5 songs on repeat:
1. “Leave House ” – Caribou
2. “Dinner” – Blood Orange
3. “House Jam” – Gang Gang Dance
4. “To the Last” – James Blake
5. “Gnossienne No. 1,2,3” – Erik Saite
Whats your background?
I never met my dad.  Boo-Hoo.  I hear he is Ethiopian. My mom is Creole so that makes me Crethiopian.
What inspires you?
A big part of my inspiration comes from movie directors and film. Im inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky, David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick. Lately, dance choreography by Anne Teresea De Keersmaeker has been inspiring a future movie visuals. My favorite is “Rosas” performed by Rosas Dans Rosas.
What is your current occupation? What do you want to do?
photo1 I want to become an Art Director. Travel. Plant myself in Dubai and make independent films. My foster goal is to be very knowledgeable on the criminal justice side because I’ve always longed to study the criminal mind.
How does your city inspire you?
Austin, Texas is very diverse and one of the safest places to live in America. My mind is more corrupt and my city doesn’t inspire me.
Your current obsession?
I’ve become obsessed with the forest and murder houses.

Follow Ashley on IG: @texaskitten


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