Dallas, TX. | Jake Elliot, 20.

“My name is Jake Elliott. Born in Dallas, raised on the outskirts of the city. Currently I am working at Black Market USA’s flagship store. Interests include Visual Arts/Cinema, Furniture Design, Skateboarding & Great Food/Sex Combinations.”

What is an ideal day in the city of Dallas?
IMG_8351Ideally it’s April and the weather is at a mid-point in the year. Generally would head downtown, find a rooftop to smoke on then hit Dante’s for some pizza. Dallas nightlife for me is a non-factor, not really into the club scene & shit. My nights are spent at the office working or skateboarding.
What is your city’s staple style? 
Dallas’s staple style off top has to be some Girbaud Jeans w/ the Coogi Get-Up. Ha-ha –Nah, but in all seriousness the kids in Dallas right now are most commonly wearing brands such as Stussy, 10 Deep, Staple, Black Market USA, 40OZ, Bape, Asics, Fly Knits, Jordan’s & also anything w/ an all-over print or sporadic branding. 
What’ s your typical style?
IMG_6835My style derives from skateboard culture first and foremost. Other than that it’s just composed chaos of anything that inspires me.
What do you with your free time?
When I do have free time it’s usually spent at the record store. I try to go weekly & drift through the Jazz Records and old films. Other than that design / skateboarding are my main “hobbies”.
Do you have any collection of some sort?
I wouldn’t say I collect anything specifically but I do enjoy personal items such as Records, Film Photography, Medicom Toy Bearbricks & various types of Magazines.
My daily city must haves:

Essentials Grid

1. Lighter / Eye Drops:  My daily essentials contain a lighter / eye drop combo so I can be high and my momma will still love me  2. Black Book:  A black book is definitely a huge part of my everyday process. Scheduling, sketching, notes & reminders all live in that book 3. iPhone / Mac Book: My Phone & Mac Book are the closest things to my brain 4. Phone / Comp Chargers so of course these are with me daily contributing to marketing, design etc. 5. Reading Material: Knowledge & Reference pulling are a huge part of what I do so I always try to keep a good magazine / book along with me 6. Pokémon Cards: My Back pocket contains nothing but the strongest Pokémon cards; shit is really not a game 7. Chapstick: My lips get crustier than a hoe, so I got to keep that EOS Mint Chapstick on me at all times  8. Wallet: A Wallet so I can eat and buy shit I do not need 9. Music: I constantly listen to music through out the day, it is a huge part of how my mood regulates 10. Keys / Car: The biggest essential for me is transportation. In Dallas, public transit is spread out so without a car you are basically stuck or sweating trying to walk.
Where in your city do people your age hangout? 
Uptown Dallas,IMG_8245 Deep Elm, Oak Cliff or on Main Street in the Heart of Downtown.
What’s your version of a ‘good-ass’ night?
A good-ass night for me is getting a lot of work knocked out early, then heading to the skate park for a few hours & eventually coming home to head and Wing Stop.
What music are you listening to? 
A lot of different shit B.B King, John Coltrane, Thugger, GBE, Loso…
TOP 5 songs on repeat right now:
1. Spooky Black – “Without You”
2. Young Thug – “Jack Tripper”
3. Fabolous ft.(Tamia) – “Into You”
4. Young Scooter – “Disfunction”
5. Wiz  – “We Dem Boyz”
What’s your background (nationality)?
What inspires you?
photo1Progression, The people I surround myself with, The Fact that death is real, I also take pride in being my own inspiration
What is your current occupation? What do you want to do?
Style Consultant | Create various useful & useless things
 How does your city inspire you?
IMG_8336Dallas is a very “business” dedicated city, so the one source of inspiration I do gather from being here is the money mindset these corporations have.
Your current obsession?
Lighting, Shadows & Tire Skid Marks

Follow Jake on IG: @Jake3lliot


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