Bronx, NY. | Monica, 18.

“My name is Monica, artistically I go by Indighostly. I’m an 18 years old artist born in the Dominican Republic & living in the Bronx. I love creating, I love expressing myself.”

What is an ideal day in New York City?
AnProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset ideal day for me in NYC starts with looking and feeling great, the sun out and a light breeze. I head downtown and visit my favorite thrift shops and stores. Pick up a few pieces then walk around. Visit a friend, fool around, head home, make art, sleep.
What is your city’s staple style?
NYC doesn’t really have a staple style from my perspective. I see so many different people on the daily that it’d be pointless to try and narrow it down to one. And as for brands…I don’t really care for naming any.
What’s your typical style?
My style varies. For the most part I stick with high waist jeans and a cropped top, I used to work for AA aka hell-on-earth, and I got really comfortable with how a higher rise in bottoms fits my body. I love platform shoes and heels and boots with really chunky heels, I’m only five-three, I like adding a few inches, and chunky heels make me feel like a warrior when I stomp around the city. A million rings on my fingers, chipped nail polish and the same gold herringbone chain and little hoop earrings. I really like to mix different prints and textures, colors and patterns that aren’t supposed to go together, that’s a lot of fun for me, it’s when I feel my best. Oh, and let’s not forget my green curly hair to top it all off.
What do you with your free time?
WheneverProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset I get free time I try and focus on creating. I make art primarily but I also like to write and read. I like to sing too, I’m not great but it’s a lot of fun. Sometimes I’ll try and socialize. When you find someone who can keep a good conversation and keep your mind stimulated, keep em close by.
I just realized I just put socializing as a hobby, funny.
Do you have any collection of some sort?
I don’t collect anything specifically. I collect my art, I’m selfish with it, takes a lot for me to give it away. I have tons of sketches and sketchbooks and art on my walls. I don’t mind sharing it, it’s just not owning it that’s hard for me, they’re all my children.
My daily city must haves:
Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset1. My metrocard, essential to transportation 2. Pink headphones, have had these busted up babies forever now 3. Gum & water, hydration and fresh breath. 4. My little notebook, I like to write down fleeting thoughts 5. Tarte lipstick & MAC lipstick, love having pink lips 6. Little gold watch, time is of the essence 7. Ciggies for when I feel like a piece of shit 8. Distressed jeans are my fave 9. My grungy platform boots & 10. my Indighost bag, I painted on it a while ago, and I love to walk around with it.
Where in your city do people your age hangout?
No clue. I’m pretty self involved, it can be a good thing, it can be a bad thing, just depends on how you look at it. Many hang around SoHo I guess, that’s where I run into too many people I know.
What’s your version of a ‘good-ass’ night?
Visiting a friend or many friends, movies, food and conversation. Lots of laughter to take your minds of things for a bit. I’m not too big on “turning up.” Oh, and when you’re headed home, it’s a good night when your train is right there as soon as you step on the platform and you make it in just in time.
What music are you listening to?
Anything andProcessed with VSCOcam with p5 preset everything, from really conscious, to really emotional, to just straight up rachet. But I mostly listen to really mellow music, I like spacey beats and females with sweet vocals, like FKA Twigs and Jhene Aiko. Jhene Aiko gets too whiney for me though, I like her, but she stresses me out. Haha.
TOP 5 songs on repeat right now:
1. FKA x Inc. the song has no title, it’s just a video on youtube
2. Shlohmo- “Rained the Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix)”
3. Sampha- “Happens”
4. Banks- “Change”
5. Warpaint- “Stars”
 Whats your background (nationality)?
I was born in the Dominican Republic and lived there until I was six, moved to the US in 2001 and been living in the Bronx since.
What inspires you?
Life, as cliche as it sounds. Everyday interactions. Observing body language, hand and eye movements, posture. I enjoy it from the perspective of someone who over analyzes absolutely everything. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetPeople think when inspiration hits, it’s supposed to be like a tsunami. Your mind, body and senses completely overcome by a thought or an experience and you will just ooze creativity from every single pore. That was really dramatic. But in all seriousness. Open your eyes and realize inspiration is everywhere.
What is your current occupation? What do you want to do?
I currently work at Topman SoHo, regular retail stuff, customer service and putting on a smile. Retail sucks so much, but the good thing about it, is that with time your mind learns to tune it all out, it’s only physically draining for the most part. It’s a job, as a career I want something art related. Ideally, be able to maintain myself off of my art. That is living.
How does your city inspire you?
I love New York City so much. All the street art inspires me, people in amazing outfits,Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset couples arguing on trains, homeless men passed out on the sidewalk, vomit on the train platform. It’s all weirdly inspiring. All the different social classes, races, cultures, styles, it makes me open my eyes to the differences we all share but the thing about NYC is that it is a very very small place, so you throw a whole bunch of people who on the surface aren’t similar in one place, and you really see the patterns we all share, we’re all the same. I think that’s how NYC inspires me, it forces me to see all the differences and all we have in common.
Your current obsession?
My current obsession is astrology. I ask everyone their sign and help friends read their birth chart. I really love it, it’s one of the ways I make sense of myself, others and our interactions. Lately, I been getting pretty good at guessing signs.


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