Tailored Advertisements

To you this advertisement may seem boring, dull & not interesting however, it stood out to me. It’s a girl holding a camera advertising for B&H. Yes, I have been looking into new camera equipment but –how the F*CK did they know that I am a girl? The photo/video industry is a male dominate industry but how would they know that I was a girl checking out cameras. MFs got my cookies b. 

That’s what happened. It’s the world we live in, we just give our goodies for free on the internet. Based on the cookies I may have had checking out clothes previously, they must have figured out my gender through my web footprints.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 5.32.50 PM

This makes me ponder… As we move forward into the future, we see how advertisements are more tailored & personalized to the internet user than ever before. You are constantly harassed about some dress you checked out on Nasty Gal or some shoes you peeped on Barneys. These items tantalize you on the corners of your screen while in search for other things on the web, almost pressuring to purchase immediately…on every-f*cking-platform.

Advertisements are now curated to your taste & I am not sure how I feel about this. I find that no one from my generation discusses this. Perhaps they may not find it important –but I do, because I believe that it subconsciously affects you. But that may be just me…

Any thoughts? Write a comment below.



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