Thoughts On: Petra Collins

just really depressed rnI went on an adventure into Chinatown to check out Petra Collins’ work at the gallery space, Capricious 88. Curiously, I went to the gallery after frequently coming across her work on Instagram. Her use of neon lights fascinated me as I am obsessed with them. Instead, I got to see more than neon lights and was pleasantly surprised.

Petra Collins’ exhibit is capricious 88called ‘Discharge’. Her work reflects female development, sexuality and freedom. When I arrived at the gallery, I saw her work through in three different mediums; photographs, neon lights & panty structures.

Her photographs showcased girls & their become of age, the neon lights reflected conversations among friends as well as the lyrics of Rihanna’s song, “Lick my cockiness” & lastly there were panties with menstruation stains on display (Yup). The latter explains her stand on being a woman –embracing what our body are & what they naturally do, which is dope. However, this work all quite even more impressive as Petra is 21-years-old & this is her first solo show.

Petra Collins’ exhibit, ‘Discharge’ applied female development and pop-culture in art, but in today’s context.

I petra collins kittysaywordenjoyed seeing art from her perspective & how raw her work reflected female development. We live in a hyper-sexualized society that often hides the reality & the truth for the sake of ‘beauty’. You are a human being it doesn’t get more perfect than that!

Something I really loved, was how she used neon lights to capture aPetra Collins Kittysayword text conversation in the present. It was nice to see how she made a technology on a phone, a physical thing. She captured a text, a format which we see so often use to communicate & documented it. Who knows what the new the look of texting will be change in the future. It’s like a digi-artifact.

Overall, I was happy to come across this gem. It is always great to see what is on the mind of a young artist.





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