Throwback Thursday: #GhettoGastro

People often make the mistake to interpret luxury as an object with a high price tag. But au contraire, luxury is truly investing in your own personal enrichment… & expanding your taste palette with Ghetto Gastro, is a great way to start!


A while back, I worked with one of my favorite collectives, Ghetto Gastro. They represent the values &  juxtaposition of the two worlds that I often find myself in. However, they convey this concept through taste. Although their name starts with Ghetto, there is NOTHING ghetto about their food. They use the best products, produce, fish & meat to create the ultimate mouth-watering experience.

Ghetto Gastro had a Pop-Up bodega called ‘Featherbed Lane’ in the Lower East Side, where they elevated local deli classics to a high-end value. The space was shared with photographer Joshua Woods, who showcased his photograph series called, “Hug the Block” as an ode to the hood.

Here is my video capturing the event:

I must admit, I am quite a picky eater but when I eat Ghetto Gastro’s food, my taste buds are always enlightened.


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