The Alex Grey Experience


Alex Grey translates his trippy visions of being under the influence on large & wide canvases. His art is rather unique as it captures an experience.

At a first glance, one may think that Alex Grey’s works are graphic design images rather than art made by hand. His paintings have impeccable symmetry that appear to be brilliantly calculated and measured. His use of vibrant colors and bold contrasts create striking images that demand your attention.


A few weeks ago, I attended the Imagine Gallery in NYC and met Alex Grey and his wife who is also an artist. This event was special because he was in attendance to answer the questions of the inquiring minds. When it was time to check out the art that was presented, I over heard one of the attendees say, “That’s exactly how I felt on LSD!” Oddly enough, I started to see how his art gathered a community of individuals connected by a shared experience.

The paintings are quite spiritual and capture the essence of being in an altered state of mind.


I am well aware that people connect with art because some pieces just resonates with personal experiences. However, I found his work powerful because one did not need to be from the same race, socio-economic or region to understand where he was coming from.

In order words, if you’ve “tripped” before, you could relate.

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