Thoughts On: Doug Wheeler at the David Zwirner Gallery

Doug Wheeler’s “Rotational Horizon Work”


An intense light glowed outside of the entrance. Before entering the exhibition, I switched into socks that required to be worn in the room. The room was shaped as a circle with curved walls and below the edges of the circle of the ground floor, were lights that illuminated the entire space. The lights were the most brilliant hue of violet that reflected on to the tall white walls.

When in the space, I tried to explore and investigate what the artist Doug Wheeler, called the “Infinity Environment”.

I could hear my gentle movements magnified and amplified in the space. Whispers, Simple hand rubs and rubbing of my feet, echoed. After being in the stark room for a while, I felt as if I transcended to a place of bliss and tranquility. afterlightI enjoyed the quiet. I started to slightly loose balance, feel a little more disoriented and a tad bit drunk. Still, I proceeded to walk around this large white circle examining its depths of elevation and sound. When looking across the horizon of the space, anyone opposite to me looked small and far. When I stood at the center of the space my slight movements echoed even more profoundly. I then learned that the ground floor of this space was similar to a symbol instrument. The center of the floor was elevated while the circumference of the space was on downward slope.

As the David Zwirner Gallery states, “[Doug Wheeler’s] exhibition emphasizes the viewer’s physical experience of space, focusing attention on the way light almost imperceptibly changes along the horizon as the earth turns.”

My experience at the exhibit was unlike anything I had ever seen or felt. I became more inquisitive through my physical interaction with the space. It pushed me to question my surroundings and investigate the relationship between space & light.

Overall, Dope exhibit.


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