Thoughts On: Yung Lean

If you like Lil’ B & Max B, then you’ll love Yung Lean.


Young Lean for many, may be an acquired taste. The 16-year old Swedish rapper and his crew called the ‘SADBOYS’, embrace their emotions through their music. They relate to feeling Sad. I know…LOL. We have a dude rapping about being sad, which is ironic and funny. Traditionally, Hip-Hop is about maintaining a tough & strong image. However, Yung Lean’s expression of sadness is his strength.

Yung Lean hails from Stockholm, Sweden. He raps about being emotional, drugs, violence, Arizona Iced Tea & other miscellaneous things. In an interview he had with NOISEY, he named his favorite rappers which included Future, Lil Boosie and Max B, to name a few. But how did he find about Max B while in Sweden? Well, here we see how the internet has given Yung Lean, access to various artist despite his geographic origin. Our location no longer dictates what we listen to. 

Similar to Lil’ B, people either love him or not. It’s almost cool to like Yung Lean. He’s is a rapper that rises from the underground inter-webs and has gained a strong following. Yet, you are never sure whether his fans respect him as a rapper or if they are just plain trolling.

Yung Lean is not an artist you will seek for lyrical ability rather for his sound, feels and emotions. His Swedish native tongue makes his bars in English sound a bit unclear, but the beats produced by SADBOY member Yung Gud are SICK. The collaborate effort of the SADBOYS team is what makes their music awesome.

Yung Lean’s music videos are always an experience. His visuals are a big part of him as they help create a clearer idea of what he is about.Above is one of his most popular songs called, “HURT” where we see him rapping in front of a green screen, overlaid with images and montages of random things such as cups of lean, Nintendo 64 game controllers, Pokemon cards, Dragon Ball Z references & graphic art similar to windows screen savers from Windows 98. Interesting, creative & MADD DIGITAL.

Although Yung Lean may be different & a tad bit weird, his music is REFRESHING. 

He’s young, He’s breaking the rules & I’m totally a fan.

It’s 2014 & I’m listening to Yung Lean. #SADGIRL


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