NWK | Leather Weather

Leather Weather runs off my tongue with ease as this term was commonly used throughout my high school. When I attended Manhattan Center for Science & Math HS (’03-’07) leather jackets were huge. Walking through the hallways of high school, I remember seeing the Pelle Pelle, the Avirex, the Vanson motorcycle jackets and of course a hood classic, the leather bomber jacket with intricate leather stitching…which to this day, I still wish to cop. 

However, Leather Weather was ideal. When the weather got cold, a leather jacket could barely keep you warm. Leather Weather to me was, wearing a leather jacket without having a Goldilocks complex in regards to the temperature. 

Now back to the present day. Mellany Sanchez Leather Weather

Mellany Sanchez is well versed in leather. She has refined the term “Leather Weather” and has coined it her own. Her style provokes me to think differently. The combination of all black and neutrals can easily get boring but, she manages to always make it look fresh with her own twist. By adding the element of leather to her outfits and rocking kicks or Timbs as footwear, she attributes a sporty-chic minimalistic look to the term “Leather Weather”. 

She takes the male oriented concept of sportswear and interprets into a female perspective. Her clothes are not always super fitted, rather they create shape with clean lines that have a modern appeal. It says a big fuck you to looking overtly sexy and I love that. Sometimes as a lady you want to wear, what you want to wear. We are constantly influenced by trends that surround us, making it difficult to stay true to our own interest. 
I say, “be you, boo
What impresses me the most about Mellany is her drive. Breaking into the fashion industry is not an easy task, especially when you do not come from a college with a fashion background. 

Mellany Sanchez KITHI can relate to her phrase, “Work Hard” because only true dedication gets you to where you want to be and she has worked hard for this. Mellany is great at branding herself on social media platforms and has extended her skills to well-known companies. She is behind the social media of the cutting edge store, OAK NYC and has collaborated with Nike, as their fashion and media maven. From interning at many premier brands such as J. CREW, Rag & Bone and now currently working with Kith NYC on creative content, she is definitely making a name for herself. I see such great potential from this chic Brooklynite and look forward to see her next moves. 

 Reign on Leather Weather, Reign on.

Mellany Sanchez of Leather Weather,





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