New Wave Kitten

In such a male dominated world, we rarely see a female’s presence or perspective.

Last summer, I was very disappointed to see that there were no women in COMPLEX’s list of,  “The 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers Right Now”Although it was a nice gesture for COMPLEX to ask Downtown’s Sweetheart, Vashtie Kola for her top female list, it still felt like a weak response to their lack of female presence on their first post.  I respect Vashtie’s list but I found it to be very personalized and difficult to relate to the women who were listed.

You rarely come across a list where men interpret or express their thoughts on women with impressive yet comparable style to men. I would have rather appreciated a list that integrated both women and men, from COMPLEX’s perspective.

After realizing that I could not relate to either lists, it made me think about my generation.  I contemplated with myself thinking about which young ladies I find to be doing their thing in the world and leaving their mark in style.

I plan to acknowledge these ladies and fill in this void.

Who are the New Wave Ladies from NYC?

It’s 2013! Aol AIM names have evolved into Twitter handles and Instagram IDs. People have become popular due to their number of followers and likes. But what does that all mean if you are not putting it into good use?

Sure, post anything designer on any social media platform and it will grant you likes. But, Whatever…who cares.

My interest is on how these ladies BRAND themselves; the way you represent yourself through social media has become apart of our culture and it is not being discussed. 

Beware of the female-beanie-army fatigue-wearing-zombies with nothing to contribute…

I will curate a list of ladies full of personality, distinguishing traits and drive. The women I will feature all have a dope story to tell and will represent various neighborhoods of NYC.

Whether it is their impressive strong following, cleaver tweets or the great potential that I see in them, I believe that these women are talented in a very cool way.

Every month, I will write a post of up and coming ladies who I feel are well on their way to change the game.

Theses ladies will be deemed as a NEW WAVE KITTEN.

And in the near future, I hope to actually meet and interview these lovely ladies.



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