Damn I Look Good In My White-T

White T-shirts.

Okay, as silly as it may sound, there are different variations of styles when it comes to white Ts.

You are probably asking yourself “How can something so simple, be so complicated?” Le sigh

Well, you’d be surprised at what investing in a great white T-shirt can do. I mean sure, go to forever 21 and cop one for 4.50, but you will get what you pay for.

A white t-shirt with a great fit makes a difference in a woman’s OR a man’s repertoire. I’m ALL about the fit of a garment. The fit is what makes or breaks you. Many designers have different cuts on their version of a white T-Shirt. But it’s not always about buying an expensive shirt from a designer name brand, rather purchasing a T-shirt that will bring more versatility to your wardrobe. A high price tag is not always the case.

When you find a white T-shirt at a store, check out their tag and see what type of material it is made from. After feeling up on a few T-shirts you will start to notice and compare the differences of the T-shirts. You will see that some materials are softer, heavier, sheer etc.

The materials I always look for in T-shirts are either:

  1. Cotton
  2. Modal
  3. Viscose
  4. Or a combination of either of the fabrics mentioned above.

These fabrics have an amazing soft, luxurious feel. They always looks a tad bit more dressed up than a plain old T, and I find that these T-shirt have looseness to their fit and I find it very flattering.

I avoid polyester as it causes those pesky pillings (the tiny fuzz balls that appear on shirts after many washes).

When it comes to different styles of neck, I personally prefer a scoop or V-neck. However, I would recommend starting off with scoop as it is a classic look you can’t go wrong with.

I have always heard about people tailoring their white Ts. So you have that option as well. (Might try this out soon.)

Check out some options I posted on pinterest



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