Nothing To Wear? Yet Closet is FULL of Clothes

So there is NOTHING TO WEAR…Yet your closet FULL of clothes! Wait, What?!

It’s not like you absolutely hate what you have purchased, rather that those pieces are no longer your favorite, a feeling more like Meh.  So you continue to buy and buy, and what you think was so oh-so-worth purchasing ends up blending in w/ the BLAH wardrobe you have. I’ve been there– I think WE ALL HAVE BEEN THERE.

Lately instead of planning outfits out, I wake up and see what I am in the mood to for. Questions like, “How do I feel? What do I want my outfit to yell?…or whisper?…” Come to mind. I end up basically rotating my favorite pieces and wearing them in different variations. Totally ignoring what I previously own. Admit it, you do it too.

So I have decided–since a lot of dough has been dropped on these clothes/shoes/accessories, I should give them a second shot at life by giving them use and purpose!

I went through my closet to find pieces that most people have in their closet and/or garments I wear year round.

Some are like leftovers from the summer…cropped tops, jean vest, maxi skirt

Some can be easily found in most closets…raw denim, button up blouses, tall black boots

The rest are from my personal style.

I’m like Upper East Side lady goes to Williamsburg, becomes an off-duty model and then goes Uptown to eat Mami’s rice and beans.

Haha, just made that up.

So below are the pieces I will be using.

The Challenge: To wear a weeks worth of outfits w/ only these pieces, starting Monday.

Challenge accepted.

Lets get creative. Join me!



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